By James Fitzgerald III for Wonderzine

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*teacher hands you test*
“sorry I’m not interested”

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A part of me wants you
in the most innocent way possible:
taking off your shoes in my bedroom,
climbing under the sheets and watching
whatever’s in my Netflix queue,
barely even touching
as we talk about our days until we
fall asleep with our
clothes still on.

But another, hungrier part of me
wants you unbuttoning your shirt
before you’re completely through my door,
falling onto my bed, and
scrambling to make your fingers
unbutton my shirt faster
Your mouth shaking out
my name the entire time.

Safe To Say A Lot’s Going Through My Head When I Think About You | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

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Nicki Minaj’s reason behind the “Anaconda” music video

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yeah school sucks but does it swallow 

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LMAO: Let Me Ask Obama

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  • People outside the U.S.: The fuck is going on in America?
  • People inside the U.S.: The fuck is going on here?


*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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reblog if u remember when apple was a FRUIT, kids played OUTSIDE not on their ipads, and decomposing VICTIMS of the BUBONIC plague LITTERED the STREETS

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there are teenagers who have unprotected sex but have a case for their iphone

just let that sink in

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my anaconda dont want none unless you got funds hun

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  • me: hey maybe today's gonna be a good day
  • hair: no
  • family: no
  • school: no
  • life: no



it’s hard for people without depression to understand that some days, just dropping a cup of water will bring you to tears because you see it as oh my god i can’t even get water without fucking up